​If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail :

​Two ways to request an appointment:

You can Text us @ 440-915-1225 Please request 2 appointment times and two dates so we may better fulfill your request. We will respond to your request on the same business day.


Call the shop (440) 777-9624 We may not awnser as we are busy grooming your neighbors dog... If we don't awnser.. Please leave a message. Messages will be answered on the same business day.

Please note we are working on the on-line appointment link and it will be available soon. FYI the on line appointment link will only be a request. We do not have the ability to have clients make their own appointments as our schedule is dictated by the breed and condition of each dog. Every day is different in the grooming business and we like to have a nice balance of breeds for the day. 

We are also trying out texting as an option. Sometimes we cannot hear the phone or leave a dog unattended to answer. Texting is easier because we can do it quickly and easily at our convenience. Please feel free to text anytime at 440-915-1225 and I will get back to you as soon as possible or at least by the end of the day. 

Thank you for visiting us.

Renee Bengough, Owner, Groomer

Grooming Hours:    Tues  9am - 4pm
                                  Wed  9am - 4pm
                                  Fri     9am - 4pm
                                  Sat    9am - 4pm
​Extended hours available when necessary.
Phone: (440) 777-9624
Text:     (440) 915-1225